Whatever place you can dream of, I bet we have a gin from there! Springtime cocktails are all the
rage, so take your pick from our world-wine gin selection


On trend, this agave-based spirit is not just about the margarita anymore. Good quality, artisanal tequila is meant to be sipped and savoured, and often collected without even being opened. Choose from the crisp, clean blanco style, the “in-between” reposado with that slight barrel quality, anejo or even extra anejo for those that prefer a toasty, barrel-aged spirit. And like many famous Scotch whiskies, tequila is now being sold with age statements, making these even more sought after by collectors. Try a Mezcal for a smoky twist on the clean agave spirit.

White & Rose

Canadians want nothing more than to shed their winter coats, smell the flowers blooming, and set up their outdoor furniture in anticipation of the warm weather ahead. Put aside those big, heavy reds to age for another season, and delight in crisp whites, fruity rose and refreshing light reds to share with friends and family alike on the patio.