Muscat Blanc / Moscato (Moscato d’Asti)

Muscat Blanc (aka Moscato, the Italian name) is an ancient aromatic white variety originally from Greece and growing throughout the world.

Muscat Blanc wine is famous for its sweet flavors of mandarin, peaches, orange blossom, sometimes ginger and spic. In generally, the wine is Light body, low alcohol and racy acidity to balance out the fruit and sweetness. It Can be made into a dry and aromatic style or a sweet style with a little spritz.

Both styles are very different but equally delicious. The sweeter style with bubbles can be a great patio pounder or pairing for dessert. The dry style is a great food wine with loads of fruit and intense floral aromatics, pairing with Sushi, Fresh fruit, Salads with citrus dressing, and Asian cuisine.