Italy - Tuscany - Castagneto - Corducci - Bolgheri. A unique land, an exceptional terroir, a DOC designation celebrated all over the world. A place where wine breathes the sea air and the breeze whispers poems. Cypress trees and beaches, hills and pine groves, stories of art and great deeds. This is where Podere Sapaio wines have been born since 1999.

Podere Sapaio is about experiment and innovation:  Searching for new expressions of Bordeaux vines in Bolgheri, to produce wines that are strong, elegant and long lasting at the same time. The name Valpolo comes from an ancient Tuscany vine. It was purposely chosen to exalt the local origins of the product beginning with its name. The crown on the trademark for the Podere Valpolo is a tribute to the nobility of the wines and the land, which are always respected in the work that is carried out in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Podere Sapaio’s two wines total about 100,000 bottles per year, of which Volpolo Bolgheri DOC is around 80% and Sapaio IGT is around 20% .  The wines are aged 14 months in French oak, both barriques and tonneaux, before the final blends are assembled. Volpolo is generally a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (70%), Merlot (15%) and Petit Verdot (15%), while Sapaio is more flexible but still principally Cabernet Sauvignon based.

Respect for the land and a sustainable approach are the two fundamental tenets of Podere Sapaio’s wine making philosophy. The estate has recently transitioned to organic farming practices. From the harvest to the selection of grape bunches, everything is done strictly by hand. In the cellar, quality of production combines with technical expertise.