Purcari wines had a great deal of popularity for a significant period, rivalling the likes of Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. Its exquisite taste even earned it a place at the table of esteemed personalities like Emperor Nicholas II, King George V, and Queen Victoria of Great Britain. With its wide distribution throughout Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and France, Purcari wines garnered high praise and earned consistent international recognition.

By the end of the 12th century, Moldova had established a significant wine industry in Southeastern Europe. Although the region had favorable conditions for viniculture, certain areas were particularly fertile for growing full-bodied grapes. The village of Purcari and the Agon Zograf Monastery vineyards lay at the heart of this special terroir. Emperor Nicholas I of Russia granted Purcari the status of the first specialized winery in Bessarabia in 1827, named after one of the founders from Germany - Harmizone. Since then, the owners of Purcari have included Moldovan boyars (barons) Dancila and Clot, as well as other Germans, Russians and French.